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Aug 15, 2013 11:30pm PDT
, as easy tv. >> -- cctv. >> coming up next, why is china investing heavily in mongolia's energy industry? >> welcome back. exports of japanese goods to china hit a four-year low in the first half of this year. if you look at this graph carefully, it is pretty clear that there is less trade with china, which is usually second to the u.s. as japan's top customer. the report also comes as japan marks a world war ii defeat. china and korea both suffered under japanese rule at that time. rising diplomatic tensions between china and japan could affect 150,000 japanese living in shanghai. revisited a japanese restaurant to find out how tensions are affecting business. >> this japanese restaurant opened in shanghai five years ago. it has sushi and sashimi. the owner said he came to shanghai nine years ago because china had more business opportunities at that time. >> in japan, economics were going down and down. in china, they were going up and up. >> he adds it was not always easy to be japanese in shanghai. when he first opened the restaurant, some chinese customers were not friendly to japane
Aug 18, 2013 10:00am EDT
quote that china might... announcer: the new pbs for ipad app. you'll never know what you'll find. [dog barks] announcer: available now in the app store. phillips: hi, and welcome to "the american woodshop." i'm scott phillips. turgeon: and i'm tom turgeon, from boise bows and arrows. phillips: now, out in idaho, they really know how to make a masterpiece, an heirloom, the longbow. learn all the secrets today with us on "the american woodshop." announcer: "the american woodshop with scott phillips" is brought to you by... -- the heart of woodworking for over 85 years...
Aug 10, 2013 3:45pm EDT
the 20th annual eagle form summit, greg autrey discusses his book, "death by china: confronting the dragon, a global call to action," next on booktv. >> well, let's move across the pacific ocean and talk about china for a bit. greg autrey is a entrepreneur, writer and educator who focuses on china. he is the senior economist for the american jobs alliance and is an economist with the coalition for a prosperous america. he cowrote the book and movie "death by china" and has also contributed to another book, "the coming china wars." he's going to talk today on "death by china: confronting the dragon." greg autrey, oh, there you are. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. as she mentioned, i teach at the university of california at chapman university, a small private school in orange, california, and i'll be at usc this fall, and i get a chance to look out at a lot of young people like you, but i rarely get a chance to look out at a lot of young people who don't think i'm a crazy nut case, and i have to spend all semester convincing them that there are different ways to think besides
Aug 4, 2013 11:00am EDT
, china, united states, the two koreas, and the soviet union. and as it became apparent to me that i had to take the war beyond the 19533 because of course the war didn't end in a peace treaty. it ended in an armistice. that sort of is why i decided to do really coming from sort of the contemporary issue and an understanding how we got where we are today by looking at the past. >> host: in this book, really takes only about half of the book. tell me a little bit about how you structured your approach. because really and extends up to today. >> guest: the book is divided into four parts. the first is the war part and then a second cold war, and i called the local war, and the post cold war. the war phase of the book i actually could of made it into two phases. i could've talked about the civil war phase and then the international, but i said it was easy to put into one phase because it was sort of the fighting phase of the war. so that's coming you know, 1948, 1949 that was a terrible insurgency in the south. it was suppressed by the newly established rok government and basically kim youn
Aug 22, 2013 11:30pm PDT
monitoring the trial who gave us the latest on the trial and what it means for china. >> there has not been an official release, many believe the trial will end later today. and based on the official blog, they rejected most of the charges yesterday. there has been a fierce debate. we might expect more dramatic debate from the microblog. the source for most of the journalists here, how much that may impact the final outcome, it is hard to say. but the final verdict will be announced after the closure of the trial. this has been the first time it has been related in a decade. transparency has been expected although many western journalists believe that this should have more openness. that change has already been quite significant. many chinese believe that they may push forward. the initial transparency, the real impact will take some time to see. >> and townhall is being seen as the biggest political shakeup to hit the elite in decades. events in the courtroom have gripped the nation. that is the city in southwest china where it was once a communist party bossed. >> removed from his post as
Aug 22, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. and in china, a disgraced politician with a stern confession in a case that has embarrassed the communist party. we start in egypt, where hosni mubarak is under house arrest in cairo in a military hospital. he was taken from the capital after a court ordered his release following the appeal in the corruption case. he still faces a retrial over complicity in the deaths of the protesters during the 2011 uprising that toppled him. >> a smattering of applause outside of the prison as hosni mubarak was taken out of the building in a helicopter. supporters of the ousted president watch the operation with flags and signs saying congratulations, mr. president. for them, this could mark the return to the pre-revolutionary order in egypt. >> i came to congratulate our president, hosni mubarak. i wish him all the best. without him, we are nothing. since he left, our country has been lost. we cannot work anymore. our country is going downhill. >>mubarak will stay under house arrest until his trial is over. he has been tainted over two years, longer than the legal limit. he is being charged with the ff prot
Aug 11, 2013 7:00pm PDT
partner husband, she has built more of beijing than almost any emperor in china's history. >> china produced more self-made billionaires than any other country in the world. >> stahl: while xin's fortune has been made on office buildings, china may be sitting on a residential and retail real estate bubble. where is the proof? we found what are known as "ghost cities." look at these brand new towers with no residents, desolate condos and vacant subdivisions uninhabited for miles and miles and miles. tonight, two stories that provide a rare window into china. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." [ male announcer ] it's time. time to have new experiences with a familiar keyboard. to update our status without opening an app. to have all our messages in one place. to browse... and share... faster than ever. ♪ it's time to do everything better than before. the new blackberry q10. it's time. new kellogg's raisin bran® with omega 3 from flax seeds. plus plump juicy ra
Aug 7, 2013 4:30pm PDT
and you were cool to the countries like brazil and russia, india, china. how about now? we heard in the earning season mixed reports from ceos talking about growth opportunity for the slowdown in china. is this an investor opportunity, or is it too soon? >> unlike august here in the united states where it is a bit of just a soft patch when it comes to everyone at the beach, in china the cool off could last not just for the summer but well into next year. so i don't see it just quite yet the opportunity. we're not quite at a place i feel comfortable becoming over weight in china. >> what do you make of this little stumble we've had it for three, believe it or not, three days in a row. >> right. >> of u.s. equities sliding a bit? i gather your view, medium and long-term on the u.s. economy is pretty good and hence, for u.s. stocks, as well. >> sure, i think the catalyst for the recent run up to really last week had been earnings. earnings have not only met expectations but really beat them and that catalyst is drawing to a close. we're almost done and at point i too much into the
Aug 27, 2013 6:00am PDT
in the north to search for remains. >>> and some women in china are finding new ways to cover up during their day at the beach. >>> united nations officials investigating alleged chemical weapons attack in syria say they have postponed a second day of inspections. the united states and some european nations are putting pressure on the syrian government with the possibility of military operations. the u.n. experts left a damascus hotel on tuesday, but they later said they put off their inspections for a day due to security reasons. they called on all parties to cooperate so they can conduct inspections safely. the alleged use of chemical weapons that killed hundreds of people including children happened last wednesday in a suburb of the capital damascus. the opposition forces and the government blame each other for the attack. >> we know that the syrian regime maintains custody of these chemical weapons. we know that the syrian regime has the capacity to do this with rockets. >> u.s. media reporting that the united states and its allies are considering the option of a limited military op
Aug 21, 2013 11:00pm PDT
another foreign company runs into trouble in china. i am michelle macquarrie. >> the question is, does greece need another bailout and will europe come to the rescue? >> and also coming up in this hour. tickets for the world cup are on sale but the repaired to spend big. and scoring big profits with exorbitant prices, forcing the government to intervene. we will look at nickel tourism around the world and why more people travel to get to medical treatment. first the latest national and world news headlines. >> the trial of the communist party chief is underway. he arrived at the courthouse last hour. his trial is being reported on by social media. more than 100 people are present including five of his relatives and 19 journalist. he faces charge or he -- charges of bribery and abuse of power. a sentence was handed down in the bradley manning espionage case erie it he committed the biggest leak of classified data. we'll have an in-depth analysis of the trial and sentencing with a panel of legal experts. new allegations that some occult -- serious ayria used chemical weapons. there
Aug 31, 2013 3:00pm EDT
>>> speed talks about her experience after moving from china to oakland at the age of ten. she expected to live a better life in california. but instead of oakland to be broken city. this is about one hour and ten minutes. >> imagine being a fourth grader that left a rather isolated existence and was told about a faraway place called disneyland. she had heard exciting things about it. but she really couldn't comprehend the magnitude of such a place. figuratively speaking when ying ma and her family entered from china she thought she was heading to disneyland. but confronted her was a cry from the magic kingdom. it wasn't a foreign language and culture that was proven more difficult. rather it was the shocking racism, isolation and disdain that she encountered in her own backyard of oakland. her story is an example of what made america great. courage to confront hard shot and abuse, determination to move past and gratitude to a country that made it possible for anyone to succeed and discover one's self worth. .. >> she has also written articles for the "wall street journal," nat
Aug 8, 2013 11:30pm PDT
of the ideas, very hard to develop them, but once they are developed, they're not so difficult to copy. china is developing -- it is a fully economists aircraft. i do not know how far they are getting along with it. >> let me get back. let me get mike to weigh in on this as well. in the end, regardless of an autonomous robot, humans still have to be behind it. programming. >> that is right. there are very few fire and forget weapons. most of them are the surface to air missiles. they are heatseeking and indiscriminate. most weapons platforms have the human element all the way. the drone program, they are clear with regard to eyes on the targets. going through painstaking process to make sure the target is going to have the least amount of collateral damage. >> we have 10 seconds left. i would like for you to have the last word. >> i wish that what mike was saying was absolutely true. i fear it is not. i think we need a new national treaty to prohibit these dangerous weapons before they get out of hand. >> thank you both for being with us this evening. still to come, the latest on the israeli
Aug 21, 2013 6:00am PDT
world, new york. >>> china's foreign minister made a symbolic trip to cambodia weeks after the controversial election. here are the details from bangkok. the visit highlights show support for cambodia's long serving prime minister. he claimed victory but opposition parties dispute the result. foreign minister met on wednesday during an official visit to mark 55 years of diplomatic relations. he congratulated him on the victory and stressed the importance of bilateral ties. >> translator: i would like to stress once again that china will continue to strengthen the friendly relationship between the two countries. >> he is asia's longest serving prime minister, in power for 28 years. opposition parties have criticized his thor tear yan style. cambodia's foreign minister was quick the highlight china's support for the ruling party. >> translator: on behalf of the royal government of cambodia, i thank you, the government of china, for supporting the election result of cambodia. >> chinese influence over cambodia has been increasing. nearly half of all investment into cambodia ov
Aug 30, 2013 8:30pm PDT
is the bull in the china shop, and china metaphor there is also meant. but when i look at the setting with amazon, if you're the owner of an independent bookstore, you're not going to like the president chose this setting. they did announce they're creating 4,000 jobs, setting up distribution centers and the phrase that's use side bricks and click. they have acknowledged that they do support some sort of an internet tax, and so there could have, on the progressive end of how it works with our tax system. jeff bazos, the genius behind amazon, is one of silicone valley, california start ups. they're getting into policy, just with facebook is hill on the way side. it's almost like another government there. in that sense, this is recognizing the future, and the future is here. >> the you apparently did not read sarah o conar's piece the 9th of february. she said workers were pained minimum jobs to do full-time jobs. it was like a robot in an assembly line. very negative article. >> i didn't -- i missed the article. i look forward to them forming a union. >> i do support unions because i t
Aug 5, 2013 5:00pm PDT
for the south china sea. the foreign minster said he is in no rush to sign anything. he's on a visit to vietnam and holding talks with the welleders about rights to a group of islands. certain countries have unrealistic hopes of reaching a deal. no party should be allowed to impose inside on others and said parties should try to create the right conditions for an agreement. analysts say this was a vailed swipe at leaders in the philippines. a un tribunal began examining a complaint against china and questions the legality of claims to islands in the south china city. japan's leaders have been offering support to the philippin philippines. abe announced that he would donate ten coast guard patrol boats to improve maritime security. china is involved in a territorial dispute with japan involving islands in the east china sea. it's one of the reasons relations have declined. they have taken on a profity tone. researchers wanted to know how citizens feel. a survey refeels nap geez aveal and chinese have negative feelings territories each other. the state run newspaper china daily have been conducti
Aug 18, 2013 10:00pm EDT
than anticipated conflict. more important than navy 2007 strategy did not mention the word china. not once, as a means to antagonize china but yet china has made it clear that the policy is to deny the united states access to the western pacific with u.s. access to the western pacific our ability to honor our commitments, to the five nations with which we have security treaties in southeast asia would be called into question. chinese building a ballistic missile system to target large american vessels as aircraft carriers under way at a distance of 1200 miles. china has conducted cyberattacks against u.s. government as well as industry. it has declared the international waters of the south and east china sees lie within the sovereign grasp. the military budget continues as it has over two decades to increase by double-digit figures from year-to-year. it has built a formidable array of surface-to-surface and surface to air missiles and continues to amass an arsenal -- an arsenal from the straits of taiwan. despite the shift it has drawn to a close it will remain volatile endangers
Aug 14, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. >> turning now to the relationship between russia and china. the security consultation is taking place right now in moscow. for more on what they will discuss, i am joined by the china institute i national studies. >> as you know, every time we talk about a wide range of issues. i suppose the topic dominating this dialogue is the strategic partnership between china and russia. this is the fourth -- this is the first dialogue after they first initially finished the power transition. so it is important for the two sides to set up the tone for the future development of the strategic partnership. and for international issues, one thing that will be popular is cybersecurity. as edward snowden has aroused concern and china has common views and common interest on this point. for the [indiscernible] as you may know, china and russian parties are part of the six-party talks. china and russia have wanted -- we will talk about the future of this country. >> you mentioned the snowden case. recently, both countries were involved in that. a were also holding joint anti- terror drills. they also had a chin
Aug 2, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. you. i want to thank mayor lee and china founder and chairman and the projects architect of architect company. i'd like to (clapping) to say thank you to all of the supervisors and specifically to jane kim who is the district supervisor. we've had several changes of people who have been involved in the past and present. thank you to the planning commission and to those members of the commission including michael and a special thanks to john ram who's done a outstanding job and the d b i staff they're here today. we live in an circlely special time and this neighborhood has exchanged dramatically in the passing last couple of years. it's really a pleasure to see the vision of creating the housing near housing and nearby downtown. i get a introduce the ceo to talk about our partnership >> thank you carl. first and for most i want to thank mayor lee for coming here on all days a day that will go down as a landmark event. we are proud to be doing business here for two decades. we feel very much at the home we've been we would by the business community and we feel we're part of the fabri
Aug 1, 2013 6:00am PDT
africa provided the transport system almost by free for them and china is another very important country for zimbabwe. they provide various support for them, the mugabe administration. >> mugabe supporters are claiming victory but members of tsvangirai's party are accusing them of electoral fraud. how do you see the outcome? >> in this stage, i cannot say anything about the outcome. it is difficult to anticipate, but things seem to go not smoothly and turmoil will happen with much probability. this election is quite important. may i say this, a last chance for them, to their frail economy and the international position. as i say, zimbabwe used to have a good economic conscience and key country in the africa region. but the policy of the government destroyed almost completely that goodness. on the other hand, africa has enjoyed the economic growth and a very good economic environment. so if now they can establish a new regime, such kind of the good to help very much to rebuild the construction of the economic. >> zimbabwe is under economic sanctions from the european union and the united
Aug 2, 2013 6:00am PDT
are planned by the military backed plan to leave the streets. ♪ and a traditional singer in china is drawing attention by drawing on our roots and competing in a talent contest on tv. >>> the obama administration and some u.s. lawmakers are criticizing russian leaders for giving an american fugitive safe harbor. they call it a disappointment and a disgrace. u.s. authorities want the former intelligence contractor because he leaked details of top secret government surveillance programs. snowden walked out of an airport in moscow after spending five weeks inside. he's facing charges of espionage and theft after revealing the national security agency collects private phone and internet data. spokespersons say the edition will ndecision will not affect relations with the u.s. >> we are extremely disappointed that the russian government would take this step despite our clear and lawful requests in public and private to have mr. snowden expelled to the united states to face the charges against him. >> carney suggested president obama may cancel a meeting scheduled next month with vladimir putin. j
Aug 4, 2013 5:30pm PDT
that they will maintain tied with asad. >>> the foreign ministers of china and vietnam agreed to continue discussions to resolve sovereignty disputes in islands in the south china sea. chinese foreign minister wang yi and his vietnamese counterpart pham binh minh met in hanoi on monday. minh said the dispute over the islands should be settled peacefully. wang replied that china has no intention of jeopardizing its relations with vietnam. chinese ships have obstructed vietnamese fishing boats near the islands and drawn protests from vietnam. china also has a territorial dispute with the philippines. china and the association of southeast asian nations or asean are to start official negotiations next month to draw up legally binding rules to settle the disputes. >>> south korea has once again urged north korea to hold talks on reopening the kaesong joint industrial park. >> translator: the patience of the south korean people is reaching its limit, and north korea should behave in a responsible way. >> the unification ministry said in a statement on sunday that the four-month suspension of the complex h
Aug 5, 2013 6:00am PDT
. >>> relations between japan and china have steadily declined over the past year largely because of a dispute over territory. diplomacy has taken on a frosty tone. researchers in both countries wanted to know how citizens feel. they say their recent survey reveals more than 90% of chinese and japanese have negative feelings toward each other. staff with the tokyo-based nonprofit think tank npo and the state-run news for china daily have been conducting the poll annually since 2005. they asked more than 2,500 japanese and chinese what they think about their neighbor. they carried out the survey between may and july. 90% of japanese said they have negative feelings toward china. that's up 6 percentage points from last year. 93% of chinese said they have negative feelings toward japan, an increase of 28 percentage points. the survey provides a snapshot of relations at present. but as nhk world's reporter tells us, events of the past weigh heavily. >> reporter: the new poll suggests between people in china and japan worsened over the past year. >> translator: i don't have a positive image of chin
Aug 8, 2013 5:30pm PDT
says four chinese coast guard patrol vessels entered japanese waters in the east china sea on wednesday morning. they remained there until noon on thursday. a ship carrying a japanese local assembly members had been cruising in the area at the same time. the chinese vessels remained just outside japanese territorial waters. coast guard officials are warning them not to approach japan's waters again. chinese government ships have intruded on 38 days this year. japan controls the senkakus. china and taiwan claim them. >> translator: the latest intrusion was the longest so far. and is extremely deplorable. >> kishida said the intrusions are backed by force, which is unacceptable in the international community. he said the chinese government should acknowledge japan's protest. japan's top diplomat summoned chinese embassy minister to convey the message, but han repeated china's position that the islands belong to china. he said china cannot accept the protest. >>> activists in hong kong have postponed a trip to the islands which chinese call dalu. they planned to land on august 15th. that's
Aug 13, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, special assistant, i think it is a long story to tell you. actually, i was teaching in mainland china for eight years. >> ok. >> last year in june i left my job in china and i came back to tie line. -- taiwan, mainly for writing a book about madam [indiscernible] so, this is a challenge for me. i am very lucky that i can write a book about it. as you know, i am a student who studies the president. i base that on the ideas of her father to write this book. so, right now many koreans think she is so like her father. how come so many koreans say the same thing? just like me in this book. how are you? you know, in chinese. [speaking chinese] so, published just before the election, this is a book about the early first birthday until she became the president of korea. it concludes 5 with a more than 170 pictures. i think it is a very typical book and many people ask me, how come you find so many pictures? i can say that the pictures are very, very valuable pictures. >> how long have you known madame part? before the campaign you met and got to know each other and then you became her special
Aug 14, 2013 6:00am PDT
in high tech and auto sectors. they will be closed on thursday. meanwhile, markets in china declined, shanghai composite ended down 0.3% at 2100. profit taking kicked in following three straight days of increases through tuesday. the hong kong was shut due to a typhoon. china's economic slowdown has weighed on trade with japan. bilateral trade in the first half of the year declined. the first drop in four years. officials at the japan external trade organization says that trade between the two nations stood at just over $147 billion. that's down more than 10% from the same period last over. a decline in exports from japan to china was the main factor. they fell nearly 17%. lower demand for semiconductor and auto shipments was largely to blame. japan's imports from china also declined and they dropped about 6%, sluggish demand for chinese-made clothing and liquid crystal tvs was a factor. as a result of japan posted a record trade deficit with china for the january to june period. the figure stood at over $24 billion. looking ahead, officials say exports to china may fall further as t
Aug 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
between japan and china have seen better days. over the past year the crews of japanese and chinese patrol ships have faced off in waters around the senkaku islands controlled by japan in the east china sea. it turns out that defense experts from both sides met in secret to discuss the tensions. their exchanges demonstrate how dangerous the situation is. nhk world reports from beijing. >> reporter: the two sides held a secret meeting. a japanese organization asked both sides to hold it. the organization has provided the meeting's audio files to nhk on condition that the identities of the chinese attendees are kept secret. japan sent six representatives among whom were former senior officers of the self-defense forces. china's seven-member delegation included senior officers of the people's liberation army. from their exchanges confirmed that the two sides hold different points of view and don't trust each other. what surprised the japanese most was china's view on japan's warning shots prompt by air. when a foreign aircraft enters japan's air space, the air force contact the pilot by radio
Aug 17, 2013 11:00am EDT
rather than anticipated conflict. more important, the navy's 2007 strategy did not mention the word china. not once. naval spokesman have justified this oversight as a means of avoiding a necessarily antagonizing china, yet china has made it clear in word and deed that its policy is to deny the united states access to the western pacific. with u.s. access to the western pacific in doubt, our ability to honor our commitments to the five nations with whom we have security trees in eat southeast asia would be called into question. china is building a ballistic missile system intended to target large american vessels, read aircraft carriers, underway at sea at a distance of 1200 miles. china has conducted cyberattacks against the u.s. government as well as industry. it has declared that the international waters of the south and east china seas lie within its southern -- sovereign grasp. its military budget continues as it has for over two decades to increase by double digit figures from year to year. it has built a formidable array of surface to surface and surface-to-air missiles and continu
Aug 3, 2013 9:30am PDT
and education. now, for the details. in less than a month, more than three times china has crossed the border with india, amounting to insurgents, raising the level of mistrust and tension between the countries, but amid rising friction, stakeholders on both sides held talks in new delhi. according to top article talks, -- protocol talks, they spoke on broader affairs, but the short incursion dominated the talks. here is the report. >> recent state of incursions from chinese troops into india figured in the talks between the two countries here. both sides discussed ways to make the functioning of working neck and dozens more efficient with the possibility of more confidence building measures. at the two official level talks, both sides deliberated on ways to maintain peace and tranquility against the background of concerns over incursions from the chinese liberation army. three incidents have been reported, casting serious doubts over the intention of the new leadership of china. >> these are all operational issues and they are best addressed to those handling these operational matters. if i
Aug 11, 2013 5:30pm PDT
they called on china to exercise self-restraint over territorial dispute concerning the senkaku islands in the east china sea. the u.s. lawmakers are likely to take up japan-china relations in their discussions with japanese officials. futenma air station in okinawa is another likely topic on their agendas. the deployment of ospreys at the sufficient base in japan is a thorny issue for the two countries, making matters worse is the crash of a u.s. military helicopter in southern japan earlier this month. but now u.s. marine pilots have used the osprey aircraft for the first time to transport reporters accompanies u.s. president barack obama to his vacation site. they began their summer vacation on sunday, on an island in the northeastern state of massachusetts. in april the u.s. marine corps deployed osprey in transporting the presidential entourage. it says that the osprey's safety has been proven with more than 160,000 hours of flight time. the same osprey model is stationed at the u.s. marine futenma air station. the u.s. military had to postpone flying the craft because of intensify
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,690 (some duplicates have been removed)